Who is Clara Winters?

I’m glad you asked. . .

She is my alter ego the false to my true, the salt to my pepper, the jam to my marmalade. She is the main character in any fiction story by me. It would be weird to write about myself like that!

Her physical appearance is as follows.

  • Tall about 5’10 and curvy.
  • She has long brown hair and violet eyes, think Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes
  • She has UK size 6 feet.
  • She has twenty twenty vision.
  • She is quite athletic, so not like me in that way.
Clara is very smart, but that doesn’t always translate into people skills and street smarts. Post “Cold Snap” she has led a quite sheltered life.
Clara is romantic in the vague way people who have never been in love are. She is extremely loyal to her brother, but is quite distant from her mother. She only sees her father once a month. She knows very little about him except that he is in some sort of upper class cult which her mother wants no part of any more.

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