Chapter One: Numb Farewells and Muted Greetings

10 10 2011

AN: This is the first chapter of my first story ” Cold Snap”. It’s my first time doing something like this so it’s quite raw. I’d love your criticism and encouragement, but please not too harsh. Nothing you couldn’t take yourself.

I sat at my desk looking out the window. Homework could wait today. There was something much more interesting happening outside my window. My father had arrived. It had only been a matter of time really. My mother had been dead two weeks and three days. During that time I had neither seen nor heard of my Dad. I’m sure the lawyers had though. That’s just the way he operates: get the logistics in order and then tell everyone what’s going on. It used to drive my Mum crazy. We wouldn’t know when he was coming to visit until the day beforehand. So we would drop whatever we were doing and prepare. Because you needed to prepare to see my father.

That preparation was all John and I had done since Mum had died. We knew he was coming; it was just a matter of time. So that day, I sat at my desk; but it was the last thing left in the room apart from my bed. All my possessions were given to charity or packed in a small suitcase. That had been easy. We were not, had never been the kind of family that hoarded things. I had no mementos of the past. So all I had were the essentials. All the spare furniture had been given away. We had no relatives, but as John was eighteen there was no issue with social services. The will had been read, and we were to receive what little money my Mum had left. The only loose end to be tied up was my ever absent father.

Outside the window he greeted John. There were no tears shed or hugs exchanged. They, like me felt numb. Even my father with his famously stiff upper lip, had eyes red raw from crying.

I moved from the window and brought my suitcase downstairs. I left my homework behind me. I would not be coming back.




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